12 Jun

Releasing Self-Limiting Thoughts

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LIFE TIP: Release self-limiting thoughts 

The more limiting your thoughts and beliefs, the more negativity is drawn to you. You start to increase the likelihood of fulfilling your own prophecy. For example, telling yourself you’ll never lose 5 lbs, likely leads to you never losing 5 lbs. 

With hard work, these thoughts can be shifted to positive thinking. Next time you catch yourself thinking CAN’T or DON’T try to reword your thoughts to CAN and DO. Repeat it back to yourself as a positive affirmation and repeat it as needed, even out loud, write it down, whatever it takes to sink in! Because you CAN.

12 Jun

My 9-minute at home CORE workout!

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Yes 9 minutes! No excuses! 

1 min: Core activation exercise 

Repeat the following twice: 

1 min: full body crunch 

Beginner: upper body only 

1 min: Forearm plank 

Beginner: Drop knees 

Advanced: add alternate knee to shoulder 

30 sec each: Side plank

Beginner: drop knees 

Advanced: hip pulses UP 

Round 1: 1 min: Alternate opposite arm and leg extension 

Round 2: 1 min: Superman 

Remember to 

1. Breathe: inhale prepare, exhale on the work! 

2. Stay present: mind focused on the muscles working through every rep! 

PLANK form: You MUST lift your hips in line with your spine, engage your booty and feel the core pulling in! This is a classic exercise and very easy to get wrong. Mind in your muscles – stay focused! 

You will get more out of 9 minutes done correctly than you ever will from 100 minutes doing it wrong – promise! 

When are you going to try this workout? Comment below! 


Thanks for checking in!



12 Jun

Motivation Tips

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Motivation ebbs and flows!

Some days you’re going bananas crushing life and other days you can’t seem to get there. This is human nature. Here’s my advice to keep yourself motivated:

+ Set a S.M.A.R.T goal – specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound

+ Tell a partner, friend, or publicly proclaim your goal – knowing someone (or all of instagram) will be holding you accountable to your goal is huge!

+ Stay inspired & positive – read books or listen to podcasts on the topic, put reminders of your goal around your house/office, keep a positive mindset

One of my recent goals is to foam roll at home 2+ times per week for at least 10 minutes. What’s yours?

17 May

Gym Bag Essentials

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Let’s chat gym bag essentials!

I’m always dragging around a whole bag with my entire life in it, who’s with me?

I pulled these things straight out of my bag #realness top to bottom:

Nike sports bra

New balance Flywheel tights

Nuun – electrolyte tablets, makes water taste way better and keeps you hydrated (clean ingredients)

Burts bees – I’m a psycho about chapstick and always have one of these handy

Powerbeats wireless headphones – music is life

RX bar – for when you’re hangry and don’t want to go hulk on people

Sunnies – these ones are DIFF, they give a pair of reading glasses away for every pair sold #giveback

Good vibe bracelets from @themothermanifestor

Lululemon headband

Mini band by Perform Better– for muscle activation pre-workout (stay tuned for more of this on a future post)!

What’s in your gym bag? Share your secrets on what I need to add!

15 May

Coffee Addicts Unite!

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Real talk, if bae and coffee were both hanging off a cliff, who would you save?

Anyone super guilty of needing coffee every single day? I’m not fully awake until I’ve had a cup.. or two.

What’s your go to drink? 

Mine are: Nitro cold brew or a red eye.

Coffee actually has huge health benefits like:

+ Boosts athletic performance – coffee 1 hour pre-workout can improve your performance 

+ Helps you burn fat – caffeine helps fat cells break down body fat

+ Coffee brightens your mood – caffeine increases production of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline (the feel good hormones) which elevate your mood

Studies show that drinking up to four 8-ounce cups of coffee per day is safe.

FIT TIP: Add in’s to coffee can add up calories fast. I recommend using almond milk and stevia if needed.


20 Oct

Playlist of the Week: 90s Hip Hop

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Who doesn’t love throwbacks? I created a very special playlist a few weeks ago – 90s Hip Hop Throwback. Check out the list below and link directly to spotify to listen!

Listen to AleahFLY’s 90s Hip Hop Throwbacks on Spotify:

Spotify Playlist: AleahFLY’s 90s Hip Hop 

Check out my playlist below:


Keep Sweating!



20 Aug

Playlist of the Week: Jay Z vs. Kanye West

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Hello universe!

This past week, I brought my Jay Z vs. Kanye West ride up to Flywheel Chicago. I’ve done this ride many times, and every time the playlist is different because there is SO MUCH epic sh#t from both of them. I’m here to hook you up on Spotify for your listening enjoyment – use it to crush some training, running, cycling, or wherever you like to jam out.

Listen to the JAY Z KANYE Playlist on Spotify:

AleahFLY’s Spotify Playlist: JAY Z vs. KANYE WEST

Check out my playlist below:



Keep Sweating!



23 Jul

Playlist of the Week: Epic Workout Playlist

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Hello universe!

This week, I made a special playlist for my people at Refinery 29.

Check out the article here:

Your Most Epic Workout Playlist

Listen to my Refinery 29 Playlist on Spotify:

AleahFLY’s Spotify Playlist: Refinery 29 

Check out my playlist below:



Keep Sweating!



25 Apr

Indoor Cycling Shoes Decoded

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Hello world,

Today I’m here to help you decode the mystery and wonder around indoor cycling shoes or spinning shoes. Do I need cycling shoes for indoor cycling? Why are cycling shoes better than regular shoes? What clips should I buy? What’s the best cycling shoe to get? My friends, read on.

Do I need cycling shoes for indoor cycling?

First off, if you’re taking indoor cycling classes more than once a week – buy yourself some shoes. I’m not saying if you have never tried indoor cycling before that you need shoes before your first class. However, if this is something in your weekly workout regimen, and you can make it work financially, the investment is well worth it. Bonus: they will last you a very long time. Some boutique studios, like Flywheel Sports, have shoes available for you to use because they recognize the difference this will make in your results.

Why are cycling shoes better than regular shoes?

Take out a pair of your tennis shoes, cross-trainers, or running shoes and see what happens when you try to bend them around. Pretty malleable right? All of these shoes are designed to be pliable in different ranges of motion that make it comfortable for you to walk, run, or jump all over the place. I can bend the toes of my Nike bionics to touch the heel – which is awesome for burpees, jump squats, and plyometrics – but if you’re doing those on an indoor cycling bike… you’re going to have more problems than just choosing shoes.


Cycling shoes have a smooth, rigid sole made of composite or carbon fiber. The stiffness of the shoe allows for more energy transfer into the pedals. This is also why cycling shoes will last years when running shoes have to be replaced every few months. In addition, cycling shoes allow you to pull up on the pedal, which allows you to generate more power and work more muscles. Who doesn’t want to work more muscles?


What clips should I buy?

First off, call your studio and ask what type of clips the bikes use. Most gym bikes will only allow for SPD clips on their bikes – no need to read further.

Studios with higher end bikes these days usually have a dual pedal. This means it allows for 2 types of clips, usually (1) SPD and (2) LOOK DELTA (one on either side of the pedal). In that case you can prioritize:

  1. Do I want to be able to walk around in the shoes easily?
  2. Do I want to be able to clip in and out easily?

(1) SPD clips look like this: *Get these if you want to walk around in your shoes*


SPDs are small clips and therefore are sometimes difficult for a beginner to clip in. On the other hand, if you want to be able to walk around in the shoes, this is the clip for you.

(2) LOOK DELTA clips look like this: *Get these if you want to clip in easier*



LOOK clips are larger and easy to clip in. They also provide a large surface area to push against, which some people prefer. The downside is you cannot walk around in these shoes on anything but rubber flooring.

WARNING: There is a different clip called “LOOK KEO” – these look exactly the same as look delta, but they are SMALLER and will NOT fit into most indoor cycling bikes. Danger, Will Robinson, danger!!


Oh my, can you just tell me what shoes to buy already?

Shoes generally cost between $100-400. You can chose how much to spend depending on your budget and how often you will use the shoes. Shimano is a GREAT brand were you can get a shoe around $100. Sidi is a higher end brand used by triathletes, which will usually cost you upwards of $200-300. I personally use Sidi’s exclusively, but I wear the shoes for over 10 hours a week!

If you want an SPD clip compatible shoe you can walk around in, just check the bottom of the shoe, you will see ridges on the sides of the base like this:


If you want to use LOOK DELTA clips, the bottom of the shoe should look like a surf board:


Remember clips are sold separately. Feel free to send an email on the contact page with any other questions!

Happy Shopping!