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16 Aug

Mission Statement

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Hello World!! Here we go.

One of my dear friends from NYC always called blogging the “narcissistic ramblings of the self-absorbed”. Well… let’s hope that’s not true for this one!

As you probably know if you’re reading this, I am a master instructor for indoor cycling at Flywheel Sports. My class is all about music, and I am asked constantly where I post my playlists. Well, my friends, welcome to playlist central! I also only have a few minutes before class to set people up and explain to them the 1000 things they should be doing while riding. Stay tuned for that information as well.

I will be blogging about: music, playlists, indoor cycling, form, exercise, and anything in the realm of overall fitness warrior-ism. Any requests for blog posts, please write me an email or visit the contact page. You can also follow the blog by email to make sure you never miss a playlist!

Live & Love,