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20 Jul

3 things to GIVE UP this week

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3 things to GIVE UP this week:

1. Getting thirsty. If you’re thirsty, the body is already dehydrated. Make water intake a habit.

2. Sitting for long periods of time. Now don’t go wondering around your flight when the seat belt sign is on, but when you can!

3. Slouching – practicing good posture is healthier for your body and expresses self confidence to others. Win-win.

What are you giving up this week? Share below!


12 Jun

Releasing Self-Limiting Thoughts

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LIFE TIP: Release self-limiting thoughts 

The more limiting your thoughts and beliefs, the more negativity is drawn to you. You start to increase the likelihood of fulfilling your own prophecy. For example, telling yourself you’ll never lose 5 lbs, likely leads to you never losing 5 lbs. 

With hard work, these thoughts can be shifted to positive thinking. Next time you catch yourself thinking CAN’T or DON’T try to reword your thoughts to CAN and DO. Repeat it back to yourself as a positive affirmation and repeat it as needed, even out loud, write it down, whatever it takes to sink in! Because you CAN.

12 Jun

Motivation Tips

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Motivation ebbs and flows!

Some days you’re going bananas crushing life and other days you can’t seem to get there. This is human nature. Here’s my advice to keep yourself motivated:

+ Set a S.M.A.R.T goal – specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound

+ Tell a partner, friend, or publicly proclaim your goal – knowing someone (or all of instagram) will be holding you accountable to your goal is huge!

+ Stay inspired & positive – read books or listen to podcasts on the topic, put reminders of your goal around your house/office, keep a positive mindset

One of my recent goals is to foam roll at home 2+ times per week for at least 10 minutes. What’s yours?