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12 Jun

My 9-minute at home CORE workout!

In Workouts by AleahS / June 12, 2018 / 0 Comments

Yes 9 minutes! No excuses! 

1 min: Core activation exercise 

Repeat the following twice: 

1 min: full body crunch 

Beginner: upper body only 

1 min: Forearm plank 

Beginner: Drop knees 

Advanced: add alternate knee to shoulder 

30 sec each: Side plank

Beginner: drop knees 

Advanced: hip pulses UP 

Round 1: 1 min: Alternate opposite arm and leg extension 

Round 2: 1 min: Superman 

Remember to 

1. Breathe: inhale prepare, exhale on the work! 

2. Stay present: mind focused on the muscles working through every rep! 

PLANK form: You MUST lift your hips in line with your spine, engage your booty and feel the core pulling in! This is a classic exercise and very easy to get wrong. Mind in your muscles – stay focused! 

You will get more out of 9 minutes done correctly than you ever will from 100 minutes doing it wrong – promise! 

When are you going to try this workout? Comment below! 


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