Gym Bag Essentials

Let’s chat gym bag essentials!

I’m always dragging around a whole bag with my entire life in it, who’s with me?

I pulled these things straight out of my bag #realness top to bottom:

Nike sports bra

New balance Flywheel tights

Nuun – electrolyte tablets, makes water taste way better and keeps you hydrated (clean ingredients)

Burts bees – I’m a psycho about chapstick and always have one of these handy

Powerbeats wireless headphones – music is life

RX bar – for when you’re hangry and don’t want to go hulk on people

Sunnies – these ones are DIFF, they give a pair of reading glasses away for every pair sold #giveback

Good vibe bracelets from @themothermanifestor

Lululemon headband

Mini band by Perform Better– for muscle activation pre-workout (stay tuned for more of this on a future post)!

What’s in your gym bag? Share your secrets on what I need to add!

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