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20 Oct

Playlist of the Week: 90s Hip Hop

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Who doesn’t love throwbacks? I created a very special playlist a few weeks ago – 90s Hip Hop Throwback. Check out the list below and link directly to spotify to listen!

Listen to AleahFLY’s 90s Hip Hop Throwbacks on Spotify:

Spotify Playlist: AleahFLY’s 90s Hip Hop 

Check out my playlist below:


Keep Sweating!



20 Aug

Playlist of the Week: Jay Z vs. Kanye West

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Hello universe!

This past week, I brought my Jay Z vs. Kanye West ride up to Flywheel Chicago. I’ve done this ride many times, and every time the playlist is different because there is SO MUCH epic sh#t from both of them. I’m here to hook you up on Spotify for your listening enjoyment – use it to crush some training, running, cycling, or wherever you like to jam out.

Listen to the JAY Z KANYE Playlist on Spotify:

AleahFLY’s Spotify Playlist: JAY Z vs. KANYE WEST

Check out my playlist below:



Keep Sweating!